Engineering Services

We provide complete front-end engineering services for PCB manufacturer’s around the world. Our technical knowledge of the PCB industry enables us to provide professional and quality services.

We handle all jobs on fast-turn basis, so you can be rest assured that the data will be back in your server when you want it. Special service can be provided for US & European customers by utilizing the time difference across geographic locations.

With our systematized and time tested work flow process, the errors are brought down to a bare minimum. To ensure quality we also have a separate QC team with qualified engineers to check for any errors that have crept-in the data.

For total Front-end engineering solutions in the PCB Industry

Services offered

  • Quote Data Processing (QDP): To enable faster & accurate response to Quotation Request's
  • Pre CAM: To read all files & convert them to image, generate reference netlist & clean data (fill-2-flash & contourization), set finish hole size & tolerance to calculate drill dia.
  • Front End Engineering (CAM) data processing: A Service that enables PCB companies to outsource the entire CAM process like tooling a complete job, panelisation, coupon placement, etc and gain the advantage of reduced engineering costs, redundancy for critical processes, and infinite engineering capacity.
  • Post CAM: A Service that enables PCB companies to outsource the generation of NC drill files with blind & buried via’s, AOI / ET net-list outputs, routing programs, and fixture drilling programs from CAM data.
  • Stack-up generation: We can build the stack-up as per the set guidelines using any software in the industry. We also understand the impedance structures extensively used in the industry.
  • Product Engineering (PE): A Service that enables PCB companies to outsource product engineering processes such as verification of customer data against customer & manufacturing facility specs, generation of traveler & route cards, loading ERP, PDM and Engineering Systems with product related information.
  • Any other process can be worked-out separately.
  • Customers also have the option to request for specific tasks as per their needs.

Benefits from Our Services

  • To build synergy across border-less companies
  • To reduce cost significantly & increase profitability
  • To establish process Standardization & Simplification
  • To utilize the geographical time difference & meet the reducing time-to-deliver
  • To stay ahead in the competition
  • To create redundant resources essential for the growth of the company
  • To have quantum improvements which are adequate and timely.
  • Reduced cycle times and improve response time to customers.
  • Infinite processing capacity that manages the ups and downs in business more efficiently.

Some leading CAM tools

  • GC-CAM
  • CAM350
  • UCAM
  • GENESIS 2000

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