Design Services

We provide complete Design services for Electronics companies around the world. Our technical knowledge of the PCB industry enables us to provide professional and quality services.

Schematic Capture

Before starting a design a schematic circuit diagram is created by drawing the block diagrams of electronic components. This forms the net-list of the board similar to a skeleton which gives critical support in completing a product.

Component library management

All components used in a particular project may not be available in the existing component library. If a component foot print is not available in the library then it is not possible to understand the size of the component placed on the board the holes diameter required to solder them on a physical board. So component library is very critical before starting the actual design activity.

PCB Layout

Connecting one lead of a component to the lead of another component based on the net-list created from the schematic diagram forms the physical layout. Here the appropriate size of traces is decided based on the amount of current which pass thru them. Connecting each component as per net-list is necessary in completing a design.


After designing is complete we have to verify the data for several parameters which will affect the functioning of the board. Some of the parameters are EMI, EMC, Impedance etc.


  • Capture CSI 9.2.3 from Cadence
  • PCB Design Studio 14.2 and 15.1 from Cadence
  • Cadstar 6.0 from Zuken Ltd.
  • Hyper Lynx V6.0 for Signal integrity from Mentor Graphics
  • Beta Soft for Thermal analysis

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