About Us

We are one of the specialized CAD & CAM house based in Bangalore, (known as Silicon Valley of India) with experienced engineers to cater to all your requirements. We are highly dedicated, competent individuals with more than 10 years of average field experience. Our world-class team of engineers, equipped with proven proprietary software and associated applications, perform the best in class Engineering Services.

We create schematic diagrams, create component library, placement of components, physical design, perform analysis on the design data to validate the design for all EMI/EMC/ Impedance & other requirements. With thorough PCB manufacturing & assembly knowledge our designers have the capability to visualize the intricacy that have to be followed to make a product pass thru the production lines without wasting critical man hours in any of the production centers.

We download the Gerber data through FTP/Email from our worldwide customer sites, we deliver critical outsourced Front-End Engineering services to the Printed Circuit Board Fabrication industry. CAM helps to transform raw CAD (Computer Aided Design) data into a validated data suitable for manufacturing based on in-house capabilities of a PCB manufacturing company. CAM converts gerber to image also checks for any design errors, missing or additional connections based on the IPC net-lists, DRC analysis, editing & correcting errors, panelization of the electronic data to produce economically. In case of design/ board requirement conflict, our engineers will contact the customer for resolution. We verify the completed data against net-list & customer given data to ensure quality control standards prior to physical fabrication. We generate several output for plotting each layer using a laser plotter, NC program for drilling & routing, output for AOI machine, test program for BBT testing machines. Quality assurance and quality control standards prior to physical fabrication.

Security and confidentiality guaranteed

Customer name, setup files, facility knowledge, documentation, customer details etc are stored centrally and password-protected. Only authorized users can access your data. We sign contracts and agreements which contain non-disclosure clause before starting the work with all our customers, back to back legally enforceable NDA’s are also signed by all employees when they are assigned to particular accounts.

We are available Round-the-clock on the communication modes like E-mail, Messaging, Skype, Whatsapp, VNC, Teamviewer etc for any discussion.

You can send us your routine jobs so that you can focus your expertise on high value design or mix & share all jobs based on priority.

Offshore operation and economies of scale can reduce data preparation costs and free up expertise and financial resources to invest in other parts of your business. Our services deliver extra capacity whenever it is needed. You reduce the risks to your business caused by engineers leaving, long-term sickness, workstation breakdown etc.


  • You can use our services as & when you like. If you have peak load situation or any other reason you can use our services.
  • We charge you on per job basis & bill you for the same.
  • For On Demand services our engineers are not dedicated but your jobs are always done by one of your certified engineers.
  • This ensures that they ask the right questions.


  • On Contract PCB CAM service is your extended CAM department in India
  • A dedicated team of CAM engineers who will work exclusively for you. They are trained & certified on your capabilities, CAM rules, processes and settings.
  • When you sign-up you can confidently plan your business expansion where CAM support is assured. .
  • You can decide their work timings. Back-up resources can be provided.
  • We believe in inculcating Quality conscious mind set to all our employees. Which leads to ASSURED QUALITY